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In December of 2017, The Job Creators Network delivered more than 180,000 letters to Congress calling for Tax Cuts Now.
Dear Congress,

Americans in every tax bracket got a tax cut thanks to the bill signed into law in December of last year. The economy is growing, wages are rising, and Americans are feeling better about the future.

We now have more money to spend on what’s important to us. But some politicians have said they want to repeal the tax cuts and take more of our money.

But that money belongs to our families. It puts a roof overhead and buys food for our table.

Don’t play politics with our savings. Keep the tax cuts we have and make them permanent. The person who works hard for each paycheck deserves to keep more of the money in their pocket.


Thank you members of Congress who voted for the bill and the Administration for delivering the promise of tax relief to hard-working Americans and entrepreneurs.