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Brad Meyer
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Carlos Gazitua
President, Sergio's Family Restaurants
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Joel Ray
Founder and CEO, New Benefits
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Nicole Wolter
President & CEO, HM Manufacturing
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Gary James
President, Dynalab
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Brian Cassidy
Owner, Junk King Reno
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Carlos Ruiz
President & CEO, HT Metals
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Guy Berkebile
Founder and President of Guy Chemical in Pennsylvania
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Joseph Semprevivo
Joseph Semprevivo, President and CEO of Joseph’s Lite Cookies in Florida
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Dina Rubio
Owner of Don Ramon Restaurant in Florida

My wife and I have run a small IT firm for 18 years. Cost of healthcare and the loss of a handful of clients over recent years, prevented us from giving ourselves much needed cost-of-living raises for many years and personally we were not making ends meet. The tax cut changes allowed us to bump our salaries for the first time in 8 years, enough to pay our bills again. Things were so tight, we were seriously considering the future of the company. Things have now settled down. We can make payroll again, and we’re now looking ahead to some potential growth.

Brian Pennsylvania

Tax cuts gave me more money to invest in company materials, equipment, and employee salaries for my lawn service company.

Don North Carolina

The tax cuts are helping us expand our family owned and operated plumbing business!

Carol Pennsylvania

I’ve owned a manufacturing company for 33 years. Thanks to tax cuts, I increased employee bonuses by 25 percent and increased wages by 3 1/2 percent.

Andy Arizona

Tax cuts allowed me to hire three new employees and give all of my employees bonuses.

Jodi Ohio

I own a small remodeling and design company in Michigan.  My customers have more confidence in the economy thanks to tax cuts, which has given me more business.

Dave Michigan

The tax cut allowed me to add an insurance policy for my 43 employees.  Without the tax cuts, I would not have been able to add this benefit.

William Wisconsin

As most small business owners know, money is usually pretty tight, but thanks to the tax cuts I was able to give my two employees at my welding firm a raise.

Dean Illinois

I’m a small S Corp Real Estate Broker. The tax cuts save me $30,000 per year, allowing me to create more jobs and reinvest money into further developing my company.

Kenneth California

I run an internet service provider. These tax cuts gave me a chance to invest more money into my business.

Glenn California

I run a small brewery. The tax bill gave me the chance to hire new employees and give raises to existing employees.

Scott California

The tax bill convinced me to open two small businesses!

Michael Arizona

I own a small health firm. The tax bill allowed me to give my employees a $500 bonus and a four percent pay raise.

Bill Florida

I own a furniture store, employing 20 people. Each of my employees has seen an additional $50 per paycheck, which when calculated 26 times a year is a lot more than just crumbs!

James Pennsylvania

I run a manufacturing firm. The tax cuts allowed me to invest more money in my business and employees by providing them health insurance, pay raises, and bonuses.

John Alaska

I own a remodeling company. The tax bill allowed me to hire extra employees as well as turn part-time employees into full-time employees. 

Monty North Carolina

I own a moving company. The tax bill allowed me to buy three new trucks and give my employees raised. 

Mark California

I run a small horse training business. Its success depends on individuals feeling secure in their income to spend money. Since the tax bill passed, my clients have spent more money on their horses, allowing me to continue owning my business. 

Patricia New Hampshire